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Hello, For the purpose of determining the surplus income limit during bankruptcy, I need to know my family size. I am divorced, and my son lives with me 50% of the time. I pay child support, but it is offset based on what my ex would pay me. Am I a family size of 1 […]

I am 66 and own/manage a small business. CRA has sent the business an order to pay 40% of my wage to CRA. The company pays me $500/week, about $2200/mo. CRA has also garnished 100% of both my CPP and OAS, about $900/mo. I have no assets and I have been advised that the company […]

I hear that there is a statute of limitations that applies to debt after 7 years. I defaulted on a bankruptcy, failing to pay after the initial payment 5 years ago. If I hadn’t started the bankruptcy process the statute of limitations would apply to my debt already but am I correct in assuming the […]

Am I able to claim bankruptcy while on social assistance in british columbia, and if so what would the steps necessary be to do so?

If a small but incorporated business gets targeted in a scam for a fake (irrelevant fake or not I realize) injury lawsuit for over $100,000… can that incorporated business go bankrupt if they lose and don’t have really any assets anyway? Or do court settlements survive bankruptcy? and would the debt just be pushed over […]

If one person on a joint debt declares bankruptcy will that remove their name from the debt? (statements are being received with both names still on it, even though the other person claims to have declared bankruptcy) Posted from: Saskatchewan

I was involved in 2 court actions against me. One in children’s aid court and another in small claims court. The family court endorsed a court order against me for approx. $10,000. The small claims court ordered me to pay $30,000. Can I claim bankruptcy to avoid paying these 2 court orders? Or this individual….it’s […]

A superior court of justice final order after trial states cost order collectable as child support. Does this order survive the bankruptcy. Any relevant sections?

I had incurred line-of-credit debt. This was 9 years ago, and I have been away from Canada (I had to return home for reasons beyond control). I would like to come back to Canada and am not sure on how to proceed. It is not likely that I will have a job for a while, […]

If an individual is allowed $12,000 or $9,000 equity in a residence in B.C. does equity double if both spouses go bankrupt? Posted from: British Columbia

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