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I own a house that is being rented, as well as a house that was started construction for us to move into and sell out other house( which is now rented) in the meantime we have moved abroad and have not been able to sell either, our unfinished house has not sold and we are […]

In a common-law relationship if only one of the people need to declare bankruptcy, does it affect the other party of the common-law relationship? Also, the home we purchased is in both names ….. there is an outstanding mortgage since we have only moved to NB 6 years ago……will we lose our home? My partner […]

are there laws in Ontario to protect my employment if I were to go bankrupt? I do not owe my employer anything (money) so I would not want to be penalized and lose my job because of a personal financial dilemma. Also, I have tried to withdraw from my locked in RRSP and because I […]

My daughter and her family are moving from Alberta to Ontario to live with us…they are currently in Alberta. They have no money and lots of debt. Can they file for bankruptcy in Ontario even though most of their debt is in Alberta? We have to get them back home in the next two weeks.

While out of country, my son wrote and cashed many personal cheques of mine to my credit card. What recourse do I have?

Can a bankruptcy be annulled or converted to a consumer proposal depending on financial circumstances changing?

Hello, For the purpose of determining the surplus income limit during bankruptcy, I need to know my family size. I am divorced, and my son lives with me 50% of the time. I pay child support, but it is offset based on what my ex would pay me. Am I a family size of 1 […]

I am 66 and own/manage a small business. CRA has sent the business an order to pay 40% of my wage to CRA. The company pays me $500/week, about $2200/mo. CRA has also garnished 100% of both my CPP and OAS, about $900/mo. I have no assets and I have been advised that the company […]

I hear that there is a statute of limitations that applies to debt after 7 years. I defaulted on a bankruptcy, failing to pay after the initial payment 5 years ago. If I hadn’t started the bankruptcy process the statute of limitations would apply to my debt already but am I correct in assuming the […]

Am I able to claim bankruptcy while on social assistance in british columbia, and if so what would the steps necessary be to do so?

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