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When filing personal Bankruptcy, can we keep our car and what happens if have RRSP? PLS help….thank you

Man facing bankruptcy

Not only individual Canadians, but also those holding themselves out as advisors to consumers in financial distress, often fail to explore a comprehensive approach to addressing debt problems.Mark Silverthorn, former collection lawyer and collection industry insider The purpose of this series of articles is to explore the various strategies that a Canadian can use to […]

I am in the middle of an 2nd bankruptcy, last expense form I will fill out is Aug 2015. I just received a non-economic loss cheque from WSIB claim for a permanent impairment to my hands. “Do I have to report this on my income statement to the trustee?” I ask because it did state […]

I’m looking for answers of how to determine the calculation of surplus income including pensions. Unfortunately bankruptcy is going to be inevitable in my situation. I have not spoken to a trustee. Not retired I only receive a employee pension, CPP and OAS as my sole household income. Combined, the pension amounts exceeds the 2015 […]

Just wanted to know if bankruptcy will negatively impact my Canadian Chartered Accounting License and the Charter itself even if one resides outside Canada is unemployed for a year and cannot repay the debt at all?Thanks

I own a house that is being rented, as well as a house that was started construction for us to move into and sell out other house( which is now rented) in the meantime we have moved abroad and have not been able to sell either, our unfinished house has not sold and we are […]

In a common-law relationship if only one of the people need to declare bankruptcy, does it affect the other party of the common-law relationship? Also, the home we purchased is in both names ….. there is an outstanding mortgage since we have only moved to NB 6 years ago……will we lose our home? My partner […]

are there laws in Ontario to protect my employment if I were to go bankrupt? I do not owe my employer anything (money) so I would not want to be penalized and lose my job because of a personal financial dilemma. Also, I have tried to withdraw from my locked in RRSP and because I […]

My daughter and her family are moving from Alberta to Ontario to live with us…they are currently in Alberta. They have no money and lots of debt. Can they file for bankruptcy in Ontario even though most of their debt is in Alberta? We have to get them back home in the next two weeks.

While out of country, my son wrote and cashed many personal cheques of mine to my credit card. What recourse do I have?

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