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Hi there, I just found out that I am being audited for a mistake my ex-husband made a few years ago before we were separated. For 3 years he over estimated amounts and now I owe thousands of dollars. Instead of claiming bankruptcy, will I be able to try and sell it and use that […]

I am middle of many law suits. Have just claimed corporate bankruptsy, which creditors meeting is this Friday and I think will be ugly. Have 2 recission orders franchise law so will go personal plus 2 other lawsuits which I think present fraud case. Really have minimal personal debt but all these lawsuits . 2 […]

Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation in Alberta? – If one owes about $27,000 all credit card debt and the only income is old age security. It is impossible to clear the credit card debt on this income and still live. The only significant asset is a 2008 vehicle. Would it be better for this person to […]

I was 10 days late in monthly mortgage payment and I owe 2013 property taxes. Now the bank wants to cancel my mortgage and sell my house. What can I do? As I am now able to pay back the property taxes and I have no problem in continuing paying my mortgage monthly in full. […]

Old Debts

June 23rd, 2014 by Doug Stuive, CA | Trustee | CIRP

I have 5 debts all over 3 years old including one government debt over 17 years old incurred through overpayment in another province. I am gainfully employed but I am a sole support mother trying to get out of old debts so I can get on with my life. How do I deal with this […]

My husband and I owe 30,000 in credit card debt, 6,000 in income tax, 94,000 unsecured loans. Our house is worth 260,000 and our mortgage is 204,000. Our combined income is 110,000. What is our best option. We don’t want to lose our home. Posted from: Quebec

I have about $50,000 in credit card debt and a consolidation loan. I am on LTDI and won’t be going back to work. Because of being on LTDI my salary has dropped to about $52,000. I am able to make all of payments. I have never missed a payment and all of my payments have […]

To avoid bankruptcy, I have chosen a debt consolidation loan from the bank to pay all outstanding taxes owed from my previous self employed status. I have since closed the business and I am now a full time employee for another company. Can any of this debt or loss be deducted on my upcoming personal […]

If I don’t declare bankruptcy. I am 61 CPP of $500.00 per month other income part time $600.00 per month no assets and unsecured debt for 4 years $30,000. They call about every 6 months. I don’t need credit and unable to pay. Can I keep on not paying?I tried to get a loan but […]

My sister and I have a mortgage together and I lost my job since April 2013. I’m struggling to find a job and my employment insurance is depleted. I have an unsecured debt of approx. $20,000.00 and I’m struggling to pay it and my household bills. However, I’ve managed to keep my portion of the […]

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